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On the gridiron – Football is just one of the many high school sports programs that benefit from the generous support of the Analy and El Molino Boosters clubs each season. Photo Greg Clementi   

The COVID-19 pandemic has had far reaching effects for high school student/athletes, coaches and administrators, and high school Boosters clubs have not been spared from the carnage. 

Each year the Analy and El Molino Boosters donate thousands of dollars to benefit sports programs, funds used for new uniforms, transportation, etc. Additional funds for coaches’ stipends and other expenses are provided by the school district. Gate receipts from games are also a big source of income for athletic programs.  

In addition, a variety of other high school programs also greatly benefit from Boosters support.  

“Our Boosters generously give the (athletic) department around $30,000 each year and also provide individual team grants on top of that,” Analy Director of Athletics Joe Ellwood said. “In our case the district has helped with the reconditioning of football equipment this year since it is state-mandated.” 

With the onset of the pandemic in March, local Boosters clubs have taken a big hit with an inability to raise additional money. 

Each year thousands of dollars are generated as a result of golf tournaments, dinners and other special events but have been shelved since the spring due to strict country health guidelines. 

Sports programs have not been the only department to take a hit, with Boosters money also used for many other school needs. 

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