Meet marks end of nine-week spring season   

March 31 signaled the end of the nine-week North Bay League high school cross country campaign, a season very much in doubt until the final okay was given by state and local health authorities in February.

For Analy and El Molino athletes and coaches, the opportunity to compete under challenging circumstances was the overriding factor above all else this season.   

“With this likely the final season for El Molino cross country, I am extra proud and grateful that this team came together and held their own against some tough competition,” El Mo coach Mark Fassett said. “They all worked very hard to get where they are, especially with the pain of losing their school looming over them.”

Senior captain Jeanne Broome was among the bright stars for the Lions this season, winning every race except one, when she was forced to drop out due to health reasons. Junior teammate Sienna Fassett also emerged as one of the top runners in the league. Junior Kazuki Hilberg was the top runner for the El Mo boys, finishing in the top five in every race this year.

For the Tigers, whose boy’s squad competed well with nearly every team in the division, the standouts were unquestionably first-year runner Ben Neargarder and seasoned veteran Aiden Finnegan. The Analy girls, led by veterans Carolina Dawson and Emma McNatt and emerging freshman Rosey Harris, proved to be the class of the NBL Redwood Division.    

“We were just getting rolling and the boys and girls teams were getting in sync when the season ended,” Analy coach Mark Grismer reflected. “We had a great brief season, my girls teams were undefeated in the Redwood Division. The boys opened the season with a narrow loss to El Molino and came back strong to finish the season with a 4-3 record.”

El Molino at Healdsburg (March 31, 2.7 miles)

Varsity Boys

1. Jack Vanden Heuvel (H) 14:30 (course record)

2. Alex Cyphers (H)16:32

3. Kazuki Hilberg (EM) 16:42

4. Dylan Pena Perez (EM) 16:43

5. Jameson Dankowski (H) 16:43

6. Peter Trebilcock (H) 16:52

7. Ted Broome (EM) 16:53

8. Harrison Threlfall (H) 16:57

9. Edgar Ortiz (H) 17:16

10. Andrew Giacomini (EM) 17:30

11. Aiden Shwarzenberg (H) 17:53

12. Wyatt Zbinden (EM) 17:58

13. Matthew Nielson (H) 18:03

14. Brett Kellar (EM) 18:04

15. Lucas York (H) 18:44

16. Brayden Cassady (EM) 19:11

17. Liam O’Gorman (H) 19:13

18, Owen Efram (H) 19:20

19. Erick Gutierrez (H) 19:30

20. Nicholas Zapp (EM) 20:00

21. Quinn Horak (EM) 20:27

Varsity Girls

1. Jeanne Broome (EM) 18:47 (course record)

2. Sienna Fassett (EM) 19:52

3. Maggie Trebilcock (H) 20:29

4. Julia Schulz (EM) 21:31

5. Hailey Webb (H) 25:35

6. Krista Chesley (H) 26:57

7. Victoria Gartner (H) 27:02

8. Kaley Efram (H) 27:29

9. Brenna Scott (H) 27:38

Elsie Allen at Analy (March 31, 2.75-miles)

Varsity Boys (Analy only)

1. Ben Neargarder (A) 16:51

2. Aiden Finegan (A) 18:46

3. David Little (A) 19:38

4. Marin Broadbent-Bell (A) 21:36

5. Elijah Chamberlin (A) 22:19

6. Reilly McKnight (A) 22:26

7. William Voss (A) 24:05

8. Amitiel Ashley-Haran (A) 28:29

9. Dylan Arendt (A) 29:22

Varsity Girls (Analy, Elsie Allen, St. Vincent)

1. Carolina Dawson (A) 20:25

2. Rosey Harris (A) 20:40

3. Isabella Yob (A) 21:55

4. Emma McNatt (A) 24:18

5. Jill Kuykendall (SV) 25:07

6. Priscila Magalan  (EA) 25:14

7. Isabella Ghirardelli (A) 25:35

8. Satori McCullough (A) 26:06

9. Callie Courts (A) 26:48

10. Jasmin Baptista (A) 27:03

11. Willa Heacock (A) 27:37

12. Bailey Courts (A) 29:12

13. Cielo Donis (EA) 30:42



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