Local club making the most of a tough year

A lot of dirt has been kicked up in the corral since the Sebastopol Wranglers were formed in 1938, with the club remaining relatively unchanged through good and bad times in the 82 years that followed.

The spirit of competition, passing of knowledge and joy of horse-riding has continued unabated through the latest challenges that the current health crisis has dished out, as the club maintains the long-standing mantra that “when the going gets tough, the tough keep riding.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a wrench into things, but we’re battling through it the best we can,” club Vice President Lori Rasmussen said, citing an annual membership of around 100, aged 5 years to older adults. “We’ve had some events where we didn’t allow spectators and we’ve had to cancel some meetings, but otherwise we’ve done the best we can to make it fun for everyone.”

The Wranglers, based on Meier Road in Sebastopol, serve their members in a variety of ways that include providing lively competition, teaching valuable riding skills, embracing sportsmanship and promoting family through the love of horses.

Easily the most popular on the schedule is the barrel racing competition, an event that showcases both the agility of a 1,000-pound animal and a rider’s skill and ability to handle a horse in a confined area. 

In a normal year the club hosts seven- or eight-barrel racing events featuring riders of all ages, with many club members showing their skills in various other rodeo competitions throughout Northern California.

In addition to barrel racing, the Wranglers hold English western ranch riding shows, organized trail rides, roping clinics and trail obstacle shows.

For more information on club events or membership visit their website at Sebastopolwranglers.com.     

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