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The Healdsburg City Council has a fairly brief agenda for its next meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 19.

Some noteworthy items include the reading of a proclamation recognizing outgoing parks and recreation commissioner Kathy Birdsong for her 22 years of service, consideration of adopting an urgency ordinance amending a development agreement with the Montage resort and the appointment of two new parks and recreation commissioners to the Healdsburg Parks and Recreation Commission.

The meeting will start at 6 p.m. and will be held via Zoom.

Recognitions and reports

There’s only one proclamation on Tuesday’s agenda, a proclamation recognizing Kathy Birdsong for her time serving on the Parks and Recreation Commission.

Birdsong has served as a parks and rec commission for 22 years. Councilmembers will read the proclamation in her honor and provide some brief comments about her time as a commissioner.

For his city manager report, Healdsburg City Manager Jeff Kay will provide an update on COVID-19 and local case rates.

Public hearings

The first public hearing item will be the introduction and first reading of an ordinance amending the development agreement (DA) between the city of Healdsburg and Sonoma Luxury Resort LLC., the developer behind the Montage resort.

At a special meeting held on Dec. 15, the Healdsburg Planning Commission unanimously approved and recommended to the city council several basic amendments to the Montage DA.

The amendments modify provisions relating to the design and construction of public trails, parks, grading, timing of payments.

The DA amendment does not include plans to drastically change or curb any of the above items, rather it outlines some logistical requests from the developer regarding the planning process.

The second public hearing item is consideration of adopting an urgency ordinance that would OK the DA amendments.

The city will also hold a public hearing regarding a resolution for consideration that if passed would update and increase the city’s traffic and storm drain facilities development impact fees.

Development impact fees are one-time fees charged to a new development at the building permit stage that’s used to fund facilities — such as sewer and drainage — needed to serve the new development.

The fees have not been updated since 1997.

The proposed new fee for traffic facilities for single-family residential developments is currently $4,588 and the proposed new storm drain facilities fee for single-family residential developments is $5,724, according to the city’s development fees consultant firm, Willdan.

The proposed new fee for traffic facilities for commercial building development is $5,756 and the proposed new fee for storm drain facilities for commercial building development is $1,602.

The city is also considering updating its parks fee. The sewer and water development impact fees will not be adjusted despite the changes to the other development fee.

Old business

Lastly, council will appoint two applicants to the city’s parks and rec commission for a three-year term ending on Jan. 1, 2024.

At the Jan. 4 Healdsburg City Council meeting the council formed a subcommittee — composed of Vice Mayor Ozzy Jimenez and Councilmember Skylaer Palacios — with the goal of interviewing the eight applicants.

On Jan. 12 the subcommittee interviewed the applicants, Michiko Conklin, Steven Maduro, Jay Tripathi, Daniella Guzman, Sarah Wardell, Kristin Thwaites, Crystal Nezgoda and Jessica Timmsen.

Wardell withdrew her application, but the council still has seven applicants to consider.

The subcommittee will report on the interviews and then make appointment recommendations to the entire council for the council to consider.

How to view the Jan. 19 meeting

You can watch the meeting here http://healdsburgca.iqm2.com/Citizens/default.aspx, or by joining the Zoom meeting.

To join by computer, tablet, or mobile device:

  1. Go to https://zoom.us/joinand type in the Webinar ID: 844 1186 2353 or follow this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84411862353 (Pre-registration for the meeting is not required.)
  2. 2. Fill in your full name, verify you are not a robot (if required), and click “Join.”
  3. If the meeting host has started the webinar, you should join automatically. If the meeting host has not started the webinar, remain in the webinar and it will start shortly.

To join by phone:

  1. Dial 669-900-9128 or 253-215-8782 or 346-248-7799.
  2. Enter the meeting ID: 844 1186 2353 and press # #.
  3. If the meeting host has started the meeting, you should join automatically. If the meeting host has not started the webinar, remain in the webinar and it will start shortly.

To submit a public comment click on the “Raise hand” icon at bottom of the screen and wait for your name to be called.

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So...because our city officials (elected or otherwise, who knows if we'll ever get the full truth) failed at their job, we, the taxpayers, are on the hook for a much larger portion of these amenities that were previously agreed upon??? Additionally, the city now has to be a general contractor for all of these projects??? What am I missing? Are we going to continue to elect officials that are completely incompetent at their job. This isn't some podunk BS, this is fire stations, parks, infrastructure, big ticket items. Government incompetence at its finest.

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