Members of the Healdsburg High School Class of 2021 were honored on Wednesday night, April 28, during the annual senior scholarship award night for their resiliency and hard work during their high school career, four years that were marked by countless school closures from fires, floods and a worldwide pandemic.

Seventy-five graduating seniors received scholarships between $250 and $19,000.

A total of $600,000 in scholarship funds was awarded, a figure much higher than last year’s funds according to Shelley Anderson, the school’s work-based learning specialist and scholarship coordinator.

“They have been through a lot, fires, floods, a pandemic,” Anderson said, saying it’s “exciting to see this class get rewarded for their perseverance and hard work.”

This year’s senior graduating class is around 134 students, so for 75 of them to receive a scholarship is pretty “good,” according to Anderson.

The special ceremony was held outdoors in a courtyard at Healdsburg High School near the new gymnasium.

Due to COVID-19 health regulations, the ceremony was limited to the recipients and staff only, but the event was live streamed on the high school’s YouTube and Facebook page.

Students dressed in their finest, sat masked and six-feet apart and were called up one-by-one to receive their red envelope with their scholarship.

Award presenters included Healdsburg High School teachers and staff.

Before the festivities commenced, departing Healdsburg High School Principal Bill Halliday said a few words in recognition of the hard work of scholarship awardees.

Halliday said the graduates not only persevered through a difficult four years of school, they excelled.

“And tonight we are here to celebrate those accomplishments,” he said.

Below is the list of scholarship awardees:

QuestBridge Match Scholarship and the Latino Studies Scholars Program Scholarship: Angel Gonzalez

Chico State University Grant: Madison Foppiano

UCSB University Grant: Fiona Affronti

Chapman University Dean’s Scholarship: Jennifer Carrada

Ruth Kerr Scholarship: Sophie (Jenavieve) Woods

The Presidential Scholarship and Athletic Scholarship: Hunter Irons

Bronze Level Graduating Seniors Award from U.S. Figure Skating: Fiona Davis

Katherine Adams Scholarship: Maricruz Gonzalez

Richard and Elizabeth Bermudes Vocational Scholarship: Luke Larson and Barbara Porcayo Morales

American Legion Auxiliary: Fiona Affronti and Emma Falberg

PSST Grants: Maria Rodriguez Mesa, Isaias Ruiz Gonzalez, Viviana Magdaleno Mendez, Abigail Ramirez Cervantes, Edgar Ortiz Rodriguez, Sophia Pickering, Angel Gonzalez Rodriguez, Aleah Garcia Gonzalez, Jesus Reyna, Alberto Avalos Ortiz, Carlos Torres Rosales, Nayceht Pelaez Castro, Jeanette Dolores Salazar.

American Association of University Women (AAUW) Healdsburg Chapter Scholarship: Diana Guzman, Fiona Affronti, Jennifer Carrada Flores, Maria Rodriguez Mesa, Mercedes Ibanez Lugos, Nayceht Pelaez Castro, Aleah Garcia Gonzalez.

AVID Scholarship: Maria Rodriguez Mesa 

Florence Madeline Barnes Memorial Scholarship: Fiona Affronti, Julian Bermejo Lepiz, Jennifer Carrada Flores, Claire Conard, Christopher Dow, Diana Guzman, Mercedes Ibanez Lugos, Hernan Mondragon Becerra, Safalta Purkuti, Maria Rodriguez Mesa, Owen Smith, Charles Sommer, Jack Vanden Heuvel.

Richy Beaumont Award: Claire Conard, Fiona Affronti, Christopher Dow, Sophia Pickering, Jesus Reyna, Ellie Kaye.

Ben Black Memorial Scholarship: Madison Durtsche, Luke Larson, Juliann Blackman

The Barbara M Baumgardner Memorial Scholarship: Fiona Affronti

Donald Edward Bohn Memorial Scholarship; Camilla Hernandez

Brandy Lee Scholarship: Erik Guzman Serrato

Alexander Valley Ladies Aid: Fiona Affronti, Owen Smith, Diana Guzman

Dry Creek Neighbors Club Scholarship: Jeanette Dolores Salazar, Madison Foppiano

Greyhound Boosters Club Athletic Scholarship: Owen Smith, Claire Conard, Vickram Johnson, Hunter Irons, Jack Vanden Heuvel, Emma Falberg, Christopher Dow, Julian Bermejo Lepiz.

S. Duvall and Maxine Bell Agriculture Scholarship: Alexis Biasotti, Claire Conard, Jeanette Dolores Salazar, Madison Foppiano, Jesse Graves, Hunter Irons, Ellie Kaye, Luke Larson, Viviana Magdaleno Mendez, Gabriella Monahan, Owen Smith.

Matilda (Tillie) Iversen Daniels Memorial Scholarship: Maricruz Gonzalez Martinez

Healdsburg California School Employees Association Chapter #314: Owen Smith

Paula Wurlitzer Memorial Scholarship: Mercedes Ibanez Lugos, Elias Flores

Healdsburg Future Farmers Country Fair Scholarship: Alexis Biasotti, Jesse Graves, Viviana Magdaleno Mendez, Madison Foppiano, Ellie Kaye, Hunter Irons, Mielle Maclure, JuliAnn Blackmon, Claire Conard, Fiona Davis, Emersyn Klick.

Healdsburg Garden Club: Gabriella Monahan, Hunter Irons, Ellie Kaye

Healdsburg Kiwanis Club Scholarship: Fiona Affronti, Julian Bermejo Lepiz, Claire Conard, Aleah Garcia Gonzalez, Maria Rodriguez Mesa, Isaias Ruiz Gonzalez, Owen Smith, Charles  Sommer, Jack Vanden Heuvel, Henry Waterman, Mercedes Ibanez Lugos, Edgar Ortiz Rodriguez, Nayceht Pelaez Castro, Jesse Graves, Safalta Purkuti.

Healdsburg Leadership Scholarship: Viviana Magdaleno Mendez

Herbert G. Passarino Memorial Scholarship: Hernan Mondrago Becerra, Nayceht Pelaez Castro

Healdsburg Police Officers Association Scholarship: Hunter Irons, Nayceht Pelaez Castro, Jennifer Carrada Flores, Abigail Ramirez Cervantes.

Lorri Estes Memorial Scholarship:  Viviana Magdaleno Mendez

Healdsburg Soroptimist Club Scholarship: Maria Rodriguez Mesa, Mercedes Ibanez Lugos.

Soroptimist Violet Richardson Award: Alexis Biasotti

Steve Hockert Memorial Scholarship: Emma Fallberg, Christopher Dow, Owen Smith, Aidan Bernard, Claire Conard, Barbara Porcayo Morales, Hunter Irons

Greyhound Trophy Award: Dylan Hayman

Smith Robinson Trophy Award: Sophia Pickering

Healdsburg FFA Ag Boosters Scholarship: Claire, Conard, Emersyn Klick, Fiona Davis, Viviana Magdaleno Mendez, Ellie Kaye, Alexis Biasotti, Hunter Irons, Jesse Graves, Madison Foppiano, Maria Rodriguez Mesa, Luke Larson.

GSB Foundation Award Scholarship: Claire Conard

Sotoyome Curtis Masonic Lodge #123 Scholarship: Elias Flores and Vikram Johnson     


Holly Erin Kettman Memorial Scholarship: Emersyn Klick

John Lee Wohler LaSalle Memorial Scholarship: Madison Durtsche

North County Chapter of Realtors Scholarship: Peter Trebilcock, Gabriella Monahan

Ethel Marie Oakleaf Memorial Scholarship: Aidan Bernard

Frank M. Ledford Memorial Scholarship: Gabriella Monahan

Tom Phillips Memorial Scholarship: Julian Bermejo Lepiz, Maria Vazquez

Americo Rafanelli Memorial Scholarship: Luke Larson

Olga Rochioli Memorial Scholarship: Hernan Mondragon Becerra

Rosenberg Memorial Scholarship: Vikram Johnson

Rotary Club (Noon) of Healdsburg Scholarship: Alexis Biasotti, Jennifer Carrada Flores, Jeanette Dolores Salazar, Christopher Dow, Aleah Garcia Gonzalez, Jesse Graves, Erik Guzman, Camilla Hernandez, Mercedes Ibanez Lugos, Julian Bermejo Lepiz, Viviana Magdaleno Mendez, Hernan Mondragon Becerra, Nayceht Pelaez Castro, Bryant Nunez Perez, Owen Smith, Charles Sommer, Madison Durtsche.

Adam J. Serbins Memorial Scholarship: Maria Rodriguez Mesa

Adele Smith Memorial Scholarship: Jackson Vogenson

Elena Xochitl Snedden Memorial Scholarship: Viviana Magdaleno Mendez

Stone Scholarship: Maricruz Gonzalez Martinez

Sunrise Rotary Club of Healdsburg: Maria Rodriguez Mesa, Owen Smith

Jack Vallerga Scholar-Athletic Scholarship: Fiona Affronti, Jack Vanden Heuvel

Drew Esquivel Memorial Scholarship: Charles Sommer, Emersyn Klick, Diana Guzman, Hernan Mondragon Becerra, Nadya Rued, Jesse Graves.

10,000 Degrees Scholarship: Abigail Ramirez Cervantes, Aleah Garcia Gonzalez, Barbara Porcayo Morales, Carlos Torres Rosales, Jesus Reyna, Maricruz Gonzalez Martinez.

Van Ornum Scholarship: Alexis Biasotti, Claire Conard, Viviana Magdaleno Mendez, Barbara Porcayo Morales, Owen Smith, Charles Sommer.

Lauretta and Alma Wright Memorial Scholarship: Maria Vasquez

Nina Zanzi Memorial Scholarship: Samuel Scott

Dave Miller Fair Play Scholarship: Bryant Nunez Perez, Hunter Irons, Jack Vanden Heuvel, Owen Smith.

Florence McCard Memorial Scholarship: Bryant Nunez Perez, Aleah Garcia Gonzalez, Claire Conard, Owen Smith.

Walt Walters Scholarship Santa Rosa Junior College: Jeanette Dolores Salazar

Beca del centro commercial Vineyard Plaza: Safalta Purkuti, Maria Rodriguez Mesa, Fiona Affronti.

Active 20-30 Club of Healdsburg Paul Graham Memorial Scholarship: Diana Guzman, Maria Rodriguez Mesa, Hernan Mondragon Becerra, Aleah Garcia Gonzalez, Jeanette Dolores Salazar, Isaias Ruiz Gonzalez, Jesse Graves, Nayecht Pelaez Castro.

Simi Winery: Jeanette Dolores Salazar, Christopher Dow, Fiona Affronti.

The Healdsburg High School Culinary Arts Scholarship: Nick DiLoreto

Dr. Weaver Memorial Scholarship: Emersyn Klick

Alexander Valley Farm Bureau: Emersyn Klick, Claire, Conard, Ellie Kaye, Juliann Blackman.

American Legion Sotoyome Unit #111 Scholarship: Hunter Irons, Christopher Dow, Peter Trebilcock.

Russian River Riders Scholarship: Julian Bermejo, Jesse Graves

Santa Rosa Junior College Doyle Scholarship: Angela Alden, Zachariah Baumunk, Jonathan Botello, Saul Castellanos, John Chelsey, Christopher Dow, Jeanette Dolores Salazar, Madison Durtsche, Tatiana Evjen, Emma Fallberg, Aleah Garcia Gutierrez, Alicia Gonzalez, Maricruz Gonzalez, Jaime Gutierrez Velazquez, Karina Ledezma, Mielle Maclure, Viviana Magdaleno, Barbara Porcayo Morales, Brianna Reyes, Jesus Reyna, Braedon Russo, Karen Silva Gutierrez, Carlos Torres Rosales, Maria Vasquez, Parker Jones, Elizabeth Diaz Perez, Ana Zavala.     

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