Sally Mackin

Farewell — Healdsburg Education Foundation Executive Director Sally Mackin, pictured here, announced earlier this month that she will be leaving the organization at the end of this month. The nonprofit’s Senior Development Coordinator Kira Ehrmann will be leaving her role at the end of March in order to pursue a master’s degree in social work.

At the end of this month Sally Mackin of the Healdsburg Education Foundation (HEF) will be leaving her role as the organization’s executive director and later in March, the nonprofit’s Senior Development Coordinator Kira Ehrmann will be departing in order to pursue a master’s degree in social work.

Mackin has been at the helm of the nonprofit for a little over a year and a half and Ehrmann will be moving on after having served as the organization’s senior development coordinator for the last four years.

“We are absolutely going to miss them. We’ve just really adored their professionalism and leadership. We’re very delighted for their new beginnings,” said HEF Board President, Sara Leffew.

Mackin said she plans on traveling more this year and that the role of executive director demands more time than she’ll be able to offer.

“I have fortunately, yet unexpectedly, met a wonderful person and am starting a new chapter in my life. Excitingly, our new plan will include more travel and less time in Healdsburg. The role of HEF executive director demands more time than I will be able to offer, and so I will be stepping down,” Mackin said in a HEF newsletter.

Mackin said working at HEF has been a highlight of her professional career.

According to Mackin, the work of the foundation will continue with the support of the board of directors. 

“As a board we decided we are going to go to full volunteer mode. We have all different board members with all different abilities, and everyone is just really willing to step up so we’re not going to begin a search process probably not for another six months,” Leffew said.

She said the board decided to wait to begin a recruitment process for Mackin and Ehrmann’s role.

“We want to see how the vaccine rollout happens and we’re really hoping in the fall so much of everything will be much more open and we can then see where we are as a nonprofit. I don’t know if we’ll hire another full-time executive director or if we’ll hire someone part time, we’re kind of just going to be strategic and thoughtful during these six months and then make that decision,” Leffew said.     

She said the employee change will not alter the nonprofit’s mission or scope of work, rather board members will be doing more hands-on fundraising work than before.

“We’re going to continue to fundraise for HUSD, we’re going to continue to collaborate with the HUSD,” Leffew said.

HEF helps fund various education needs throughout the Healdsburg Unified School District, including paraprofessional support, parent outreach coordinators, books and supplies, K-5 enrichment and the popular Healdsburg High School internship program.

The organization also holds annual fund campaigns including HBG Education Week.

Most recently the organization has helped fund parent outreach coordinators for the elementary school and the junior high and high school.

“I know they (the parent outreach coordinators) just really shined and really contributed to helping educate our kid’s families in the community. It’s really just an incredible bridge for our community, so we’re going to continue to fundraise for that program and maybe even have that program grow larger. Right now we have two outreach coordinators … so I’m hoping we can expand that,” Leffew said.

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