The Sonoma County CHANGE Program’s annual fundraiser, the “Hotties With Heart” calendar is on sale. The 2017 calendars feature local members of the community who give up their time, and their clothes, for a good cause.

Models pose with special equines, often horses who are currently or who have previously been part of the CHANGE program. This year’s cover horse, Jerome, was found hobbling down Lakeville Highway in Petaluma. His previous owner dumped him there, thin, uncared for and with a nail stuck deeply within his foot, causing him enormous pain. CHANGE took him into a foster home, rehabbed his injuries, restored his health and found him a loving, forever home. CHANGE also supported local law enforcement in prosecuting his owner for felony animal abuse and abandonment.

Calendars may be purchased at Friendly Feed (Fulton), Western Farm Center (Santa Rosa), Saddles To Boots (Santa Rosa), California Horse Supply (Santa Rosa), Wikiup Veterinary Hospital (Santa Rosa), The Feed Store (Sebastopol), Frizelle Enos (Penngrove), Brocco's Old Barn (Sonoma), Rivertown Feed (Petaluma), Jay Palm's Saddle Shop (Petaluma) and Marin Tack and Feed (Forest Knolls). They are also always available online at

Calendars are $15 and all proceeds from sales go to support the horses in CHANGE’s foster and rehab programs. The models, who are amateurs, and the photographers donate their time to help create this one-of-a-kind fundraiser.

The Sonoma County CHANGE Program was formed in 2007 to support local law enforcement in handling equine neglect, abuse and cruelty cases. A 501(c)3 nonprofit charity, it provides emergency response, transportation, veterinary care, rehabilitation, foster care and adoption services to horses who enter CHANGE Program foster care via county animal services.

CHANGE also supports local law enforcement by providing free equine-related officer training as well as assistance with legal case documentation and provides case support as well as gratis expert witness testimony in equine-related criminal cases.

CHANGE's community programs are aimed at raising the acceptable standard of care for horses in Sonoma County. Services include low-cost horse castration clinics, horse owner advice and horse placement support, and horse care education in the horse community.

– Heather Bailey

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