Healdsburg doesn’t have many celebrities around town, but there is one who walks on four legs and likes to frequent the local drugstore and snuggle up in the bed there.

His name is Miku Juggernaut Casanova Earl Davis and he is a three-year-old tabby cat.

You may be asking yourself, “How does a cat make a name for himself in the city of Healdsburg.” The Tribune spoke with his owner Katrina Davis in order to find out how this “tramp cat” rose to fame.

Davis said Miku has gained notoriety through his love of exploring spots close to his home, such as the Plaza, retail shops, pharmacies, inns, insurance companies, banks, salons and even the Healdsburg Police Department and the library.

“He goes everywhere. People love him” Davis said.

Davis adopted Miku from a neighbor after he kept visiting her and after Davis got the “OK” from the neighbor.

“He just sort of barged in one day about two years ago now,” Davis said. “He just ate and slept on the couch all day and he just kept coming back.”

Davis said at first he was mostly kept inside, however, he would demonstrate his angst for the indoor world by scratching up the screens and behaving badly.

Turns out Miku is not an indoor cat and has always had a habit of wandering around.

“So, I got his little collar to let people know that he does have a home, (but) he’s a tramp,” Davis said.

His collar also has Davis’ phone number on it, however, she said she gets calls all the time from folks who say he’s at Valette’s today or Mr. Moon’s or at the Stafford Gallery.

After folks around town started to see Miku and get to know him one of Davis’ friends suggested she start a Facebook page for him so people could follow him on his adventures.

She said his favorite place to go is either the CVS pharmacy, the Stafford Gallery or Hotel Healdsburg.

“I do worry about his traveling because he crosses streets, but two years later he’s still OK. I’ve had people send me pictures of him actually walking the street in a crosswalk,” Davis said.

The Tribune couldn’t locate Miku for an interview, however, he did have a statement written on his Facebook page.

“I am a tramp cat. I have a home. I have a family. I am fixed. I have all my shots. I have been tested with all negative results. I am chipped. I love my town Healdsburg. I roam the Plaza (much to my family’s dismay). They have rules. 1. Don't feed me anything, not even water (I live two blocks from the Plaza and have plenty available to me at all times). 2. Don’t take me inside or home. I have a home and am just playing you for a sucker. 3. Pet me. Love me. Take a photo of me or with me and post it here. My Mom always wants to know who I meet and where I go,” Miku wrote.

Davis said she thinks he’s so popular since he’s so friendly. “He’s so loving and personable and charming,” she said.

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