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Proceeds will go toward an organization focused on stopping AAPI hate and racism

Quail & Condor and chefs from SingleThread are hosting a pop-up marketplace on April 6 in an effort to raise awareness and funds for Stop AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) Hate, a Bay Area-based organization that aims to stop AAPI hate and racism

The marketplace — a Chefs Stopping AAPI Hate Initiative — will be held at Quail & Condor bakery at 149 Healdsburg Ave. and will have baked goods and products from local artisans such as Chef Andrew Hori of SingleThread, and Chloe Connaughton of SingleThread Farms.

The one-time shop will run from noon to 4 p.m.

“This event really emerged from a discussion between myself, Chloe Connaughton and Quail & Condor bakery. It really hit home for everyone when a local Asian-owned business received a hate letter from a group in San Bernardino. While hate crimes targeting the AAPI community have become more prevalent over the last few weeks, this incident in particular made us realize that even our small community does not exist in its own bubble. We felt like we needed to mobilize quickly,” Hori said.

Hori said the event isn’t only about raising money. He said it’s also about raising awareness with AAPI hate, creating a safe space to talk and bringing people together to celebrate the diverse talents and cultures of the community.

“In helping to organize this event, I've been able to read and see firsthand how much this event means not only to the local AAPI community, but the community at large,” Hori said. “This event isn't only about raising money and our voices, but raising awareness of what's going on and sparking conversations about how to move forward — it's about creating an environment in which we can hold those ‘difficult conversations.’  More than anything, however, it's about bringing people together and really celebrating the talents and cultures of our diverse community.”

Chefs Stopping AAPI Hate was founded in Washington D.C. by Chefs Kevin Tien of Moon Rabbit restaurant and Tim Ma of Lucky Danger.

The initiative was recently created in response to the escalating cases of anti-Asian hate crimes and xenophobic attacks on the Asian American community across the country.

According to a press release, it originally started as a five-course takeout dinner series with a different chef each contributing one course. Proceeds from the dinners support local AAPI organizations that fight anti-Asian racism.

In May 2021, Chefs Stopping AAPI Hate dinner series will be expanding to the San Francisco Bay Area in honor of AAPI Heritage Month.

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