Mail run to Skaggs Springs - 1923

Mail run to Skaggs Springs - 1923

100 years ago – April 14,1921

Skaggs springs offer accepted by Legion boys

A social event which will be worthy of the Legion’s reputation for "doing things” will be put on at Skaggs Springs at the opening day of that resort by Sotoyome Post of the American Legion. Peter Curtis, owner of the resort, who has voluntarily donated to the use of the Legion all money-making concessions at the Springs for the benefit of the Legionnaires, was in town yesterday and conferred with members of the local post, and arrangements for the big event will now go merrily forward, with Sotoyome Post in charge. The opening day of the 1921 season at Skaggs Hot Springs, which Mr. Curtis has given to the Sotoyome boys to use as they like to the benefit of the club house fund, falls on May 14.

50 years ago – April 8, 1971

Peninsula homes get council’s nod

Healdsburg councilmen Monday night listened to the arguments (sometimes not so quietly, either) and then blew on the wax, firmly molding the future development of the Peninsula area as a residential area. Councilmen all along have indicated through word and action they felt the Peninsula should be developed into something other than agricultural uses ... but Monday night they formally cast the mold for future development of the area when, and if, it is annexed by the city. What the council did was to formally approve the rezoning of a 17-acre parcel from agricultural to single-family residential. The parcel, located directly west of Opperman & Son Trucking, could handle up to 100 homes on 6,000 square foot lots. Objections touched on the noise from the trucking company being objected to by the new homeowner, the financial impact of more students in the Healdsburg schools, and the destruction of a fertile farming area.

25 years ago – April 3, 1996

New volunteer fire department forming

Residents of the Rio Lindo area will be hearing about a new volunteer fire department Thursday night. The department, funded by a benefit assessment district, is proposed for the east Healdsburg, Dry Creek, Mill Creek and Rio Lindo areas. Rio Lindo was recently added to the district to avoid creating an “island” between the cities of Healdsburg and Windsor where fire protection is inconsistent. The Ballache area is currently served by the private Rio Lindo Fire Brigade, which has also provided service to the east Healdsburg and Mill Creek areas for the past several years.  Response time from Rio Lindo out to Mill Creek has not been good, according to Vern Losh, deputy chief and fire marshal for the Sonoma County Emergency Services department.

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100 years ago in 1921, our Healdsburg Memorial Bridge was built!!

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