Aerial view Healdsburg Airport

Aerial view Healdsburg Airport

The following snippets of history are drawn from the pages of the Healdsburg Tribune, the Healdsburg Enterprise and the Sotoyome Scimitar, and are prepared by the volunteers at the Healdsburg Museum & Historical Society. Admission is always free at the museum, open Wednesday through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

100 years ago – April 28, 1921

Beautify town appeal board and picket fences are eyesores

An appeal to property owners to aid in a "city beautiful” movement by removing unsightly board or picket fences from in front of lots throughout the city has been issued by the civic improvement committee of the Chamber of Commerce. The fences are branded by the committee as eyesores, survivors from pioneer days when stock roamed at large within the town limits.  Old fences are but an accumulation of trash in front of the home.  The city is going to do some painting of the electric light poles down in the business section of the town. Several of the streets are being paved and sidewalks put in. It is up to our pretty little city to become modernized by the removal of unsightly fences. Look over the town and see the beauty of the lots without fences, then we are sure you will gladly remove your unsightly front door yard fence.

50 years ago – April 29, 1971

Air show for Healdsburg

Lady racers, world champion aerobatic craft, home built planes and even four F-106 jet fighter interceptors will be on hand for this weekend’s Fly-In Air Show at Healdsburg Municipal Airport, sponsored by the Sonoma County Chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association. Between 150 and 200 airplanes are expected for the show, the first time such an event has been held at the local airport. For the flying fanatics there will be spot landing and flour bomb contests, for the casual observer there will be some of the most interesting aircraft in this part of the state … including antique craft, warbirds, military planes and Formula 1 racers. Tentatively scheduled is a fly-in of a Marine Corps helicopter from the U. S. Naval Air Base at Alameda, the pilot being Maj. Pete Defty (Res) who lives in Healdsburg. For persons who have never been up in a light plane, they’ll have a chance, at two cents a pound, to go up with Sonoma County’s own Powder Puff Derby lady, Phyllis Cantrell.

25 years ago – April 24, 1996

City moving cautiously on cellular phone antennas

The Healdsburg City Council has put a temporary restriction on the processing of applications for  cellular telephone antennas and panels, called Personal Communication Systems, in effect pending the outcome of a task force study.  The 35-foot antennas, or panels placed atop existing structures, function best when placed in a grid formation ½ - ¾ of a mile apart.  Because of the visual and electromagnetic effects of the installations, it is important that a uniform policy be developed, applying to both city and county.  Cellular companies are required by the California Public Utilities Commission to comply with city and county permits and policies, but few cities and counties have them yet.

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