Letters to the editor

To Alliance Medical Center

EDITOR: On Sunday, Feb. 7, we received our COVID vaccinations at your facility. Ken is a DASH driver and the Healdsburg Senior center called to ask if he, as an essential volunteer and his wife, would like to be included in the program. The answer was a definite “yes.” Soon after, we received a call from a friendly lady at Corazón who took all the information to register us for our appointment.

On the 7th, less than five minutes from our home, we pulled into the parking area and were directed to the registration table where we were quickly signed in. Our registrar showed us the tented area across the way, we were seated and immediately received our first dose of Pfizer’s vaccine. Next step was the 15 minute wait in a seating area where we were given our certificate of vaccination along with the appointment date for our follow-up shots.

At every step of the way, your staff and volunteers were friendly, efficient and made the entire experience easy and comfortable for us. As octogenarians, we truly appreciate getting the very necessary shots so close to home and with no long lines nor waits. We were done and back home in half an hour and look forward to our second dose on Feb. 28. We commend all of the nurses, doctors and volunteers who provided this well organized, very important service to our community and (we) read in the Press Democrat of Feb. 11 that you have continued the same program in Windsor. Sonoma County is fortunate to have Alliance Medical Center.

Ken and Arlene Dalton


Recalling Ravitch

EDITOR: As a Sonoma County resident involved with the criminal justice system, I have had my criticisms of District Attorney Jill Ravitch. That said, I am completely against the effort to recall her. 

DA Ravitch was completely right to sue Bill Gallaher for leaving vulnerable senior citizens on their own during the Tubbs Fire. As a result, Gallaher had to pay a $500,000 settlement. It is particularly ironic that Gallaher’s recall petition sites “social justice” as one of the reasons he wants to oust Ravitch. He admitted to his negligence to settle the case and his concern is “social justice”? The hypocrisy is shocking. 

Just last year, Ravitch announced she would not seek reelection, meaning we will have a new DA in 2022. So, why waste money on a recall election in 2021? Don’t sign the recall petition, which amounts to a rich guy’s petty revenge. If anything, Gallaher got off easy. 


Jerry Threet

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