The Windsor High School cross country team wrapped up its abbreviated nine-week campaign on March 31, playing host to visiting Piner in the North Bay League Oak Division finale.

The Windsor boys (3-1) put an exclamation point on an outstanding dual-meet season, easily defeating the Prospectors, 19-39. Pacing the boy’s team were senior Landon McAlister and junior Dustin Smith, who crossed the finish line as the top two varsity runners respectively.

Although the Lady Jaguars (1-3) fell to a strong Piner squad, the meet signaled the end of a solid, rebuilding campaign that should bode well for the future. Leading the Windsor girls were emerging sophomore Elsa Nolen and senior Nataleigh Johnson, finishing in third and sixth place.

“I’m really happy with the way the season went,” Jag’s coach Matthew Henry reflected. “From a training standpoint, it was a challenge to get kids running their best in less than two months, but they worked hard and we saw some nice progressions in times as the season went along. These kids have had to endure a lot over the past year so anytime we can provide an experience that enhances their school career, it’s a good thing,” he added.

Varsity Boys -Windsor 19, Piner 39 (March 31 at Windsor, 3.0 miles)

1. Landon McAlister (W) 16:50

2. Dustin Smith (W) 17:27

3. Carter Erickson (P) 17:28

4. Jared Hayes (P) 17:32

5. Tallen Theiss (W) 17:57

6. Ben Kvamme (W) 18:35

7. Garrett Melvin (W) 18:57

8. Robert Carillo (W) 19:36

9. Stuart Hartman (P) 20:16

10. Max Hidalgo (W) 20:35

11. Ruben Cano (P) 20:40

12. Jonathan Henry (W) 21:18

13. Gabriel Mote-Recoder (P) 21:41

14. Isaac Magallon (P) 21:46

15. Jonathan Chavez (P) 21:47

16. Hunter Lewis (P) 22:15

17. Derek Sadorra (P) 22:18

18. Leonardo Vazquez (P) 23:48

19. Viet Nguyen (P) 25:07 11

20. Elliott Phengsy (P) 26:36

21. Sergio Ramirez (P) 28:11

Varsity Girls - Piner 19, Windsor 40

1. Elisa Quintero (P) 21:04

2. Kristianna Johnson (P) 21:11

3. Elsa Nolen (W) 21:25

4. Luisa Mezey (P) 21:58

5. Jasmine Caballero (P) 22:24

6. Nataleigh Johnson (W) 22:33

7. Ruby Loe (P) 22:41

8. Liyah Tyohannes (P) 23:50

9. Esperanza Marquez (W) 26:18

10. Victoria Gutanu (W) 26:41

11. Ximena Solano (P) 27:21

12. Valeria Ramirez (P) 27:30

13. Keira Theiss (W) 28:02

14. Han Nguyen (P) 30:21

15. Brianna Henry (W) 31:56

16. Josalyn Schmidt (P) 32:50

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