My interactions with Sebastopol police during the time of Chief Conner left me with the impression of a professional and compassionate police force.

Good luck Mr. Conner, and thank you for your service to all of us.

It's time for Graton to have a professional force.

Vote for the tax and save lives.

Lynda Hopkins has done a great job for us in the west county, but it appears she has lost her mind to Climate Fear, a mental disorder that clouds good judgement.

If our Stuporvisors want to improve things on a local level, they can start by fulfilling the pledge of Govern…

Actually, it appears division of Americans on this topic is largely driven by the mainstream media. Of course there are plenty of incidents to demonstrate the "ugly American" behavior we all have witnessed at one time or another, but in my coast-to-experience over many decades hatred of i…

Great analysis and reporting by the author of this article. Thanks to her and SonomaWest for providing real journalism for us readers.

The truth of SCP is that it was founded in an era gone by - the political environment has changed from wild enthusiasm derived from votin…

Better get the homeless problem solved first. Private property owners have rights and they won't agree to include easements for homeless encampments in their yards.

Much to my surprise I found potholes filled on my road this week - it has been about 2 years since there was any road work so I'm hoping you have the same good luck.

This article provides a good opportunity to thank Lynda Hopkins and her staff for their excellent work under very difficult circumstances as we recover from the flood.
I for one am impressed by the leadership of Supervisor Hopkins and am grateful we have her to look after our affairs.

First notice of flood prediction by public alert system was provided Tuesday 2-26.
Russian River was near monitor stage by late Wednesday. It felt like the river rose faster than in years past, so is our saturated ground setting us up for more flooding this winter and spring?
Good l…