The County Supervisors gave the citizens of Sonoma County a goal: flatten the curve. Health Advisor Mase states we achieved and exceeded the goal. Now, the Supervisors state we must continue to Shelter-in-place, not go to work, not go to school, and not drive to parks. This policy causes …

gmarcy commented on How SMART?

During its 2.5 years (912 days), 1.6 million SMART rides have occurred. So, the number of people riding SMART per day is:

1.6 million people / 912 days = 1,753 people ride SMART each day.

In contrast, Sonoma County has 510,000 people.

Excellent article. Any program that excludes one gender, or one race, or any sub-group, constitutes the definition of the word, "discriminatory". MLK: Judge people on basis of their character.