No wonder it is over budget. Those silly prefab concrete approaches to the over / under crossings were unnecessary and you feel like you are being launched when you pass over them.

Editor Note: There were no "new bridges" built.

Dollar Store and Grocery Outlet were "on the table" way before he ever got on the Planning Commission. Aside from that, we need someone with a new viewpoint. enough of the "old ways" and in with some new ideas. Almost half of downtown has stagnated. How Many antiq…

He seems to have thought a lot about current "issues" but doesn't go into the solutions. But, at least he has cognizant view of the world of Cloverdale. I thinjk we need some new blood on the council.

Plazdagame commented on Teachers choose home sweet home

Almost bay area wages but much cheaper to live here.. Good choice! Glad to have um'

Too bad, but the handwriting was on the wall. I think PAPA'S did them in---better location and good pizza too.

Hope he can bring it back to its former greatness. The BBQ has suffered in the past 5 years---but the tourists who just pass through don't seem to know the difference.

God Bless Casey

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The Russian River has been much in the news lately......

Seems like jot much has changed in the past 25 years---river still in trouble. However, blaming the dam is stupid---just look at the flooding it has stopped in those 30 years of its existence..

"It is appalling that a small percentage of our citizens live in absolute wealth and comfort while 40 million live in the kind of poverty that means they suffer from food and shelter insecurity, lack other basic necessities "
Why don't you mention the 275-300 million middle cla…

Day late and a dollar short ?